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COMPLETED CASES (52 + 11 Pending Appeal + 12 Acquitted = 75)
  1. AKAYESU, Jean Paul (ICTR-96-4)
  2. BAGARAGAZA Michel (ICTR-05-86)
  3. BAGOSORA, Théoneste (1:ICTR-96-7,2:ICTR-98-41)
  4. BARAYAGWIZA, Jean Bosco (ICTR-97-52)
  5. BIKINDI, Simon (ICTR-01-72)
  6. BISENGIMANA,Paul (ICTR-00-60) (Pleaded guilty)
  7. BIZIMUNGU, Augustin (ICTR-00-56)
  8. GACUMBITSI, Sylvestre (ICTR-01-64)
  9. GATETE Jean Baptiste (ICTR-00-61)
  10. HATEGEKIMANA, Idelphonse (ICTR-00-55B)
  11. IMANISHIMWE, Samuel (1:ICTR-97-36,:2:ICTR-99-46)
  12. KAJELIJELI, Juvénal (ICTR-98-44A)
  13. KALIMANZIRA Callixte (ICTR-05-88 )
  14. KAMBANDA, Jean (ICTR-97-23)   (Pleaded guilty)
  15. KAMUHANDA, Jean de Dieu (ICTR-99-54A)
  16. KANYARUKIGA Gaspard (ICTR-02-78)
  17. KARERA François (ICTR-01-74)
  18. KAYISHEMA, Clément (ICTR-95-1) 
  19. MUHIMANA, Mikaeli (ICTR-95-1B) 
  20. MUNYAKAZI, Yussuf (ICTR-97-36A
  21. MUSEMA, Alfred (ICTR-96-13) 
  22. MUVUNYI, Tharcisse (ICTR-00-55)
  23. NAHIMANA, Ferdinand (ICTR-99-52)
  24. NCHAMIHIGO, Simeon (ICTR-01-63)
  25. NDAHIMANA Gregoire (ICTR-01-68)
  26. NDINDABAHIZI, Emmanuel (ICTR-01-71)
  27. NDINDILIYIMANA, Augustine (ICTR-00-56) 
  28. NGEZE, Hassan (ICTR-99-52)
  29. NIYITEGEKA, Eliezer (ICTR-96-14)
  1. NSENGIYUMVA, Anatole (1:ICTR-96-12,2:ICTR-98-41)
  2. NSHOGOZA Léonidas (1:ICTR-2007-91,2:ICTR-99-54A) 
  3. NTABAKUZE, Aloys (ICTR-97-30)
  4. NTAKIRUTIMANA, Elizaphan (1: ICTR-96-10; 2: ICTR-96-17) (Deceased)
  5. NTAKIRUTIMANA, Gérard (1: ICTR-96-10; 2: ICTR-96-17)
  6. NTAWUKULILYAYO Dominique (ICTR-2005-82)
  7. NZABIRINDA, Joseph (ICTR-01-77) (Pleaded guilty)
  8. NZUWONEMEYE, François-Xavier (ICTR-00-56)
  9. RENZAHO Tharcisse (ICTR-97-31-DP)
  10. RUGAMBARARA, Juvénal (ICTR-00-59) (Pleaded guilty)
  11. RUGGIU, Georges (ICTR-97-32) (Pleaded guilty)
  12. RUKUNDO, Emmanuel (ICTR-01-70)
  13. RUTAGANDA, George (ICTR-96-3) (Deceased, deceased)
  14. RUTAGANIRA Vincent (ICTR-95-1C) (Pleaded guilty)
  15. RUZINDANA, Obed (ICTR-95-1) 
  16. SAGAHUTU, Innocent (ICTR-00-56)
  17. SEMANZA, Laurent (ICTR-97-20)
  18. SEROMBA, Athanase (ICTR-2001-66)
  19. SERUGENDO Joseph (ICTR-2005-84) (Pleaded guilty, deceased)
  20. SERUSHAGO, Omar (ICTR-98-39) (Pleaded guilty)
  21. SETAKO, Ephrem (ICTR-04-81)
  22. SIMBA, Aloys (ICTR-01-76)
  23. ‘GAA’ (ICTR-07-90-R77) (Arrested for giving False Testimony; pleaded guilty, case complete, imprisoned for 9 months (sentence completed))
  1. KANYABASHI, Joseph (1:ICTR-96-15,2:ICTR-98-42) 
  2. KAREMERA, Edouard (ICTR-97-24)
  3. NDAYAMBAJE, Elie (1:ICTR-96-8,2:ICTR-98-42) 
  4. NGIRUMPATSE, Mathieu (ICTR-98-44) 
  5. NGIRABATWARE Augustin (ICTR-99-54) (Appeal before MICT)  
  6. NIZEYIMANA, Idelphonse (ICTR-2000-55C)
  1. NSABIMANA, Sylvain (1:ICTR-97-29, 2:ICTR-98-42)
  2. NTAHOBALI, Arsène Shalom (1:ICTR-97-21,2:ICTR-98-42) 
  3. NTEZIRYAYO, Alphonse (ICTR-97-29) 
  4. NYIRAMASUHUKO, Pauline (1:ICTR-97-21, 2:ICTR-98-42)
  5. NZABONIMANA, Callixte (ICTR-98-44D)
  1. BAGAMBIKI, Emmanuel (1:ICTR-97-36, 2: ICTR-99-46)
  2. BAGILISHEMA, Ignace (ICTR-95-1A) 
  3. BICAMUMPAKA, Jérôme ( ICTR-99-50)
  4. BIZIMUNGU, Casimir ( ICTR-99-50)
  5. KABILIGI, Gratien (1:ICTR-97-34,2:ICTR-98-41)
  6. MPAMBARA, Jean (ICTR-01-65)
  1. MUGENZI, Justin (ICTR-99-50)
  2. MUGIRANEZA, Prosper ( ICTR-99-50)
  3. NSENGIMANA, Hormisdas (ICTR-01-69)
  4. NTAGERURA, André (1:ICTR-96-10A,2:ICTR-99-46)
  5. RWAMAKUBA, André (ICTR-98-44C)
  6. ZIGIRANYIRAZO Protais (ICTR-01-73)
  1. MUSABYIMANA, Samuel (ICTR-2001-62) (before trial)
  2. NZIRORERA, Joseph (ICTR-98-44) (during trial)
  1. KAYISHEMA, Fulgence (ICTR-01-67-R11bis) (Rwanda)
  2. MUNYARUGARAMA, Pheneas(ICTR-02-79-R11bis) (Rwanda)
  1.  NDIMBATI, Aloys(ICTR-95-1F-R11bis) (Rwanda)
  2. NTAGANZWA, Ladislas(ICTR-96-9-R11bis) (Rwanda)
  3. RWANDIKAYO, Charles(ICTR-95-1E) (Rwanda)
  4. SIKUBWABO, Charles(ICTR-95-1D-R11bis) (Rwanda)
  1. NTUYAHAGA, Bernard (ICTR-98-40) (*Indictment Withdrawn)
  1. RUSATIRA, Léonidas (ICTR-02-80) (*Indictment Withdrawn - insufficient evidence)
RELEASED AFTER COMPLETING SENTENCE (Also feature in "Completed Cases")
  1. IMANISHIMWE, Samuel (ICTR-97-36) (Released after completing his sentence)
  2. NSHOGOZA Léonidas (ICTR-2007-91) (Released after completing his sentence)
  3. NTAKIRUTIMANA, Elizaphan (1: ICTR-96-10; 2: ICTR-96-17) (Released after completing his sentence)
  4. RUGGIU, Georges (ICTR-97-32) (Released after completing his sentence)
  5. RUTAGANIRA Vincent (ICTR-95-1C)(Released after completing his sentence)
  6. NZABIRINDA, Joseph (ICTR-01-77) (Released after completing his sentence)
  7. ‘GAA’ (ICTR-07-90-R77) (Released after completing his sentence)


  1. BIZIMANA, Augustin (ICTR-98-44)
  2. KABUGA, Félicien (ICTR-99-44B)
  3. KAYISHEMA Fulgence (ICTR-01-67R11bis)
  4. MPIRANYA, Protais (ICTR-2000-56) 
  5. MUNYARUGARAMA Pheneas (ICTR-02-79-R11bis)
  6. NDIMBATI, Aloys (ICTR-95-1F-R11bis)
  7. NTAGANZWA Ladislas (ICTR-96-9-R11bis)
  8. RYANDIKAYO, Charles (ICTR-95-1E)
  9. SIKUBWABO, Charles (ICTR-95-1D-R11bis)


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