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Painting & Essay Competition

The Painting / Drawing competition was for Primary Schools and Essay for Secondary Schools. The deadline for submissions was on 30 June 2010. One winner per category will be chosen in each of the following country: Rwanda; Tanzania; Kenya; Uganda and Burundi, and the results will be announced in September. The Prize Giving Ceremony will take place on 24 October 2010 during the UN Day.

The main subjects of the the Painting/Drawing and Essays was:

  • What is international justice? 
  • What is its contribution to national reconciliation?
  • How does it fight against impunity?

 Below are the links to the list of  participants by country.

Essay Competition Participants

Painting/Drawing Competition Participants







  1. The winning Paintings and quotes from the winning Essays will be incorporated into the 2010 greeting cards of the Tribunal. The Paintings and Essays will be published in the form of a book.
  2. The 2 Winners in each country will each receive a laptop computer.
  3. The 2 Winning Schools in each country will each receive 1 TV monitor+1 DVD Player/1 VCR or a complete desktop computer.
  4. Photo gallery of the Awards function